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    Bellapais Rent A Car dominates the North Cyprus largest general use car rental business with the largest automobile fleets in North Cyprus and 24 hour road side assistance.

    Bellapais Rent A Car aims to offer most secure service all over the Cyprus. We are known as the most reliable car rental service in North Cyprus. If you need a Car Hire in North Cyprus, just take a visit to our office in Bellapais or use online reservation system on web site. We offer you the easiest way of renting a car with our on-line reservation system.
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    Diane Leach
    Dear Yusef

    I would just like to say "Thank you" for the very professional service you provide.

    It was my first visit to Cyprus and i was worried things would go wrong!! I was most surprised to find you were still waiting to meet me at the airport, even though my flight was 2 hours late arriving!!

    The car i hired from you was very good and reliable...More Details >
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  • A Medieval Temple Bellapais
             The Peace Monastery which takes its name from the French "Abbaye de la Paix" is a beautiful example of Gothic art and is built on a rocky mountain top, south of Ozankoy village below the skirts of Five-Finger Mountains to the southeast of Kyrenia. Bellapais Abbey, which holds a special place in the island's architectural inheritance, is among the monuments of the many civilizations which haveestablished themselves on the island.Located three miles to the east of Kyreina, built on a rocky outcrop on the slopes of the Five-Finger Mountain range, Bellapais Abbey was of great importance to a people for whom peace was elusive. In North Cyprus, where several monuments to the Gothic period still remain, Bellapais Abbey stands to the fore. The first inhabitants of monestary were Augustinian monks who migrated there after the capture of Jerusalem by Salahaddin Ayyoubi in 1187. The main part of the monastery was built during 1198-1205 by King Hugh III of France. When the island was taken by Ottomans, the building was delivered to the Orthodox Church. The Italian frescoes seen at the entrance of the chapel were painted in 15th century. Overlooking the town of magnificent Gothic-style monastery, with its dining room, underground cellars, kitchen, meeting room and treasury is really worth visiting.
    More Information About Bellapais Abbey >
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